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SnoBear Ice Fishing Machines

At The Garden Hut, in Grand Forks, ND

The SnoBear is probably one of the most unique pieces of equipment that you’ll never want to live without. They’re winter recreational vehicles so you can bring a little bit of luxury to the world of ice fishing. No more setting up your tent first or trying to find room for all your supplies on your snowmobile. Everything you need, whether it’s more storage space or just a warm place to go through your catches for the day, is going to be completely contained in your SnoBear.

They’re also going to be the more efficient option for a lot of fishers. You’ll be able to cruise across the ice, going from one fishing hole to the next in a matter of minutes. Plus, because it’s lightweight, it’s going to be the ideal option over other, heavier vehicles. The SnoBear also comes with a 12-inch hydraulic lift to help you stay level and comfortable so you can focus on what’s important: catching some of the best fish.

And when it comes to the luxury, there’s no shortage of excellent features. They come with comfortable sitting areas and optional drop-down bunks for particularly long trips on the ice. You’ll also get a table with a pedestal, four large fishing holes with covers and sleeves so you don’t even have to step outside the SnoBear to bag the biggest catch. And with a thermostat-controlled forced-air propane furnace, you’ll stay warm and toasty, even though everything around you is well below freezing. And for good measure, you’ll also get an in-dash stereo with speakers to keep everyone entertained.

In fact, with one of these machines, you may find yourself planning longer and longer ice fishing trips. If you think a SnoBear purchase is in your future, stop by The Garden Hut in Grand Forks, North Dakota and we’ll show you what we have available right now.

Watch a SnoBear in Action:

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