Snow Removal

Superior Snow Removal Service

We'll save you the stress of strenuous winter snow removal!

The Garden Hut has been in the snow removal business since 1977 and we pride ourselves on providing unmatched service with each and every removal service. Our experience allows us to recognize the importance of using the right equipment. Rather than using destructive blades or loaders, we only use snow blowers. They give you the best clean, quality outcome - no unsightly piles nor damage to your property.

Our service is based on yearly contracts with residential townhomes and single family homes in Grand Forks, ND. At The Garden Hut, you choose what you want done at the price that works for you.

Discover The Garden Hut Difference:

We’ll handle the work so you can simply enjoy your winter wonderland! Find out what makes The Garden Hut your best solution for snow removal service below.

  • One price for the entire season
  • No unexpected bills
  • Automatic service - no need to call
  • Nov 1st - Mar 31st
  • 1" of snow triggers our service
  • Plow ridges and drifting are included
  • No one-time service; seasonal only

We'll handle the work so you don't have to.


Contact The Garden Hut

Garden Hut has been serving Grand Forks, ND since 1977. Please feel free to contact us at (701) 775-3191 or stop in today!

Winter of 2018-2019 Snow Removal Records
Outing #DateSnow AmountWhat did we do
--Oct 256"
None - Melted
--Nov 90.5"Hand Shovel Only
1Nov 112"All Jobs
2Nov 292"All Jobs
--Dec 130.5"Hand Shovel Only
3Dec 221"All Jobs
--Dec 250.5"Hand Shovel Only
4Dec 276"All Jobs
5Dec 28driftingAll Jobs
6Dec 311"All Jobs
7Jan 2driftingAll Jobs

Total 19.5"