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Redneck Blinds

The Best Hunting Blinds on the Planet.

Hunting is more than a sport. It's a way of life. For superior sightlines and total stealth, choose a Redneck Hunting Blind.

Learn more about Redneck Blinds below and get ready for hunting season by picking up your new Redneck Hunting Blind at the Garden Hut. Our expert staff is here to help you choose the right blind for your hunting lifestyle and landscape.

Meet our Redneck Hunting Blinds:

Predator 360 5x6 Platinum Blind

Predator 360° 5x6 Platinum Blind

This 360-degree blind is perfect for two hunters using compound bows, crossbows, or guns. Stay grounded or utilize a 5', 10', or 15' classic, trailer, or sled stand for a customized hunting experience.

Buck Palace 360

Buck Palace 360° 6x6 Platinum Blind

The Buck Palace offers 360 degrees of stealth and security. Stalk and shoot out of 46" vertical windows with your crossbow, compound bow, or gun. Invite up to three adults or two adults and two children.

Big Country 360

Big Country 360° 6x7 Platinum Blind

The Big Country is for hunters who need ample leg and arm room as well as gear space. With room for 3-4 adults, a small family, or even overnight slumber, you can hunt with the entire party for a truly memorable hunt.

Redneck Blinds: High In Quality

Created from powder coated steel and long-lasting fiberglass, Redneck Blinds are built to provide you years of extraordinary hunting. Mounted gear consoles and shelves provide next-level organization while top automotive-style window gaskets and door moldings keep your scent in, blind dry, and pests out.

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