Lawn Mowing Like a Professional

Lawn Mowing Like a Professional

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When you choose to mow your own lawn, it’s important to learn a few of the basics first. It may seem rather simple but there are some key factors to consider when mowing the lawn. If you’re looking for a new lawn mower or want some more tips on how to effectively mow your lawn, visit The Garden Hut in Grand Forks, ND today!


Timing plays a very crucial role in lawn mowing. When you choose to mow will depend on a number of things like how often you fertilize your lawn, what time of year it is, how often your lawn is watered, and so on. You should make it a habit to mow your lawn once the grass is about one third higher than your preferred cut height. For example, if you like your lawn cut to 3 inches high then you should mow once it is about 4 inches high.


Another critical factor to consider is just how much you should cut. Many people believe it’s best to cut your grass extremely short so you don’t need to mow it as frequently but this is not such a great idea. Shorter grass also means less shade to protect the roots and as a result, the sun may scorch it yellow. If you want to keep your lawn looking lush and healthy, its best not to cut your grass below three inches.
You should also remember not to cut more than one-third of the grass blades at once. When you take your lawn mower out for the first cut of the season, set your blades high and gradually lower them with each cut until you achieve the desired height. The reason for this method is because if you cut the grass too short too quickly, it’ll put unnecessary stress on the plant stems.


Don’t forget that your safety is important, even when mowing the lawn. Always read the owner’s manual of the lawn mower you’ll be using to cut your grass. Scan the lawn for any rocks or debris before you start mowing. You should always keep children and pets away while you’re mowing the lawn. Be sure to stop the mower and let the engine cool off for ten minutes or so before fueling. Never under any circumstances should you leave a running mower unattended. Use extra caution when mowing on slopes because these can cause you to lose control of your machine.

 Now that you’re ready to mow your lawn like a pro, stop by The Garden Hut in Grand Forks, ND for any lawn equipment or service you might need!

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