Ice House Skis

Ice House Skis

Take your ice fishing experience to the next level with the right ice house skis. Durable ice house skis allow you to experience the ultimate ice fishing adventures!

Aluminum Wheel Ski

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Aluminum Wheel Skis are crafted from heavy-duty construction, convenient handles on the ski fronts, and drive in, back out, designs.

Aluminum Tongue Ski

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The Tongue Ski easily hooks up, taking the brunt of the tongue weight off your towing vehicle. Tow large equipment over ice and snow safely and securely.

"Quick-Ski" Steel Wheel Ski

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The original and still the best. Drive on - drive off. Quick to mount, no tie down necessary. Get through snow with ease. Smooth ride over rough terrain. Check out the video in the Product Video page. If you have any questions about this product please feel free to call 701-775-3191.

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