Challenger Side x Side

Rugged. Adaptable. Compact.

Strong comes standard in a Challenger.

Whether you’re looking to work or play, a Challenger will surpass your expectations. Cub Cadet Challengers are versatile to take on a variety of tasks on any off-road trail. Their high-strength steering component and reinforced frames ensure long-lasting durability. Tackle any terrain or trail on a Challenger.

If you’re looking to add efficiency and fun to your work or play, check out our Challengers we offer at The Garden Hut. Choose from a variety of different options, including the Challenger 500, 750, and 400 XL. Learn more about each model below.

Explore a few of our powerful Challenger options:

Challenger 500

The Challenger 500 features a roof, sealed windshield, winch, LED headlights, and high-sided doors. They also include underhood storage so you and your gear can stay organized.

Challenger 750

Choose the Challenger 750 to tackle your toughest tasks. You’ll benefit from similar features as the Challenger 500 but experience greater power and more storage.

Challenger 400LX

The Challenger 400LX is packed with heavy-duty features such as LED headlights, a full windshield, hard roof, and aluminum alloy wheels. The 400LX is great for property maintenance, camping, and more.

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